2HIP with Bruce Crisman’s welcome to the team edit. We don’t know where Bruce has been the last few years, but we’ve sure missed his unique approach to street riding. That last clip is pretty nutty! Great to see footage of him again!

  1. Jose Palo Sauceda

    hell yeah! bruce crisman here to save 2hip! ha! its great to see him filming with ben like he did back in the shola days! show kids whatsup bruce! te la rifas homvre! come down to mx! massive stairsets and gaps waiting for you. ps. do more tables!

  2. Michael Anthony Hernandez

    Welcome back Bruce. Been a while since you where last seen.

  3. Launchpad

    The filming was kind of shitty and I don’t know what they where on when they put it together. But this was the best thing I’ve seen in a while. Good riding. Good edit


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