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14 Mar 2017

Dig Bmx Sergio Bike Aw 13

Words and Photos by Andrew White

Sergio has always set up his bike in a clean and simple manner, all to channel his skills to transitions - which was all too evident at the recent Sydney stop of the Vans BMX Pro Cup which he took top honours at. Get a look at his current Fly Bikes ride and then do your very best to replicate one of the classic style connoisseurs out there. 

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How many Pantera frames did you sell?

I have no idea. I know for a while it was a good selling frame but I have always been really bad keeping up with things like this. I just wanted to make sure the brand is doing as good as it can do and that is enough for me.

What do you think your signature frame legacy is?

I just like to offer a frame that is simple and fast that handles very quick and also has all the technology that can make life better when it comes to adjusting the bike the way you really want it. That has been my goal since the beginning and I hope I can keep that on the next ones.

What do you like riding these days? 

I really enjoy riding bowls and trails the most, can't get enough of the good feeling that is for me the pleasure of going fast and trying to go high. I also try to enjoy riding other things but I'm at a point that I want to have as much fun as I can and I know that what I get out of this is too good to pass.

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Favorite part? 

The frame as I'm always into a clean look frame that feels fast!

Oldest part? 

The Profile hub is something I have to buy so I try to take good care of it and luckily as I don't have pegs will last me for a while! 

How often do you build a new bike?

I try to build a new bike once a year, sometimes I change some parts like a chain, tires, grips.. but the rest is usually the same. I try to take good care of my bike and that way someone else can keep using it when I'm done with it.

Any Mods? 

Just the usual stuff.. cut the bars, forks, grips flanges and the profile axle. These days there is not much else to do on a bike! 

How are you with bike maintenance? 

I honestly think that I'm really good at it.. can't handle something loose or something that is not they way I want it. A BMX bike is so simple that I can't think why someone wouldn't lose 30 seconds to tighten something up!

Upcoming plans?
Best plan is to have no plans! I will try to travel and ride as much as I can for as long as I can.. whatever comes I will take it as a good plan!

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