Citizens Here and Abroad, Waving Not Drowning, Turn Records

Inordinately, we get a lot of CDs sent to the office. Sometimes I automatically know the band and am patiently waiting on the new album; those are usually the albums that get special treatment. On occasion though, something I’ve never heard of will make its way into the review pile and blow the rest of the month’s releases to bits. Such is the case with Citizens Here and Abroad’s second album. I never heard their music or their name before last week, and now it’s one of my favorite pop albums of the year. Citizens Here and Abroad play a brimming mixture of sonically charged pop that reminds me of a cross between Sonic Youth, the Anniversary’s later exploits, Versus and Lush. On ‘Waving, Not Drowning,’ the band finds themselves navigating through a sea of deadpan ups and downs, including infidelity, panic disorders, sex, drug abuse and gambling issues; you know, the stuff that any Behind The Music hour is made of. Citizens Here and Abroad don’t seem to be falling prey to their subject matter. They’re expelling it through song, and crafting some of the catchiest late 80s inspired ballads along the way. Let’s thank the discerning shape of my ‘CDs to be reviewed pile’ for getting this off the floor and into my ears….

Go here for samples of Citizens Here and Abroad’s new album.


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