Shanna Kiel


(Thick Records)

I ain’t never heard of the band Sullen before opening this CD, but apparently, Shanna Kiel was the front woman for Sullen, and ‘Orphan’ is her solo debut. Other pertinent info to note would be her former home (St. Louis, Missouri) and her new home (Hollywood, CA). That’s like, well, there’s no comparison to make between the two. They’re so alternately different from each other that I can’t see how one person could go from one to the other, but Rick Thorne pulled it off, so why not? The music of Shanna Kiel is a really catchy, spastic and heavy version of female-fronted pissed off punk. I’d love to say that it reminds me of Hole before they got really self-indulgent, but I wouldn’t do that to anyone (and actually, a lot of her guitar riffs sound more Kurt than Courtney.) Instead, I’ll say that Shanna Kiel is pissed off and knows how to throw down without falling into any obvious comparisons with other female-fronted bands that dispel anger and aggression without appearing overtly fragile or confrontational. Of course, I could go the other route and say that lyrics such as “She tastes like perfume and I fucked her in my room” go over well around here in a really shallow kinda way for the male imagination, but I would never do that to anyone. Whoops…. to stream selections from ‘Orphan’



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