Wondering around the usual grey surround of horrible hardcore gigs, it’s a blast to see Limp Wrist. This band is so good, because they bring hardcore to life. Instead of yet another depressingly familiar run through of boring bang and shout in black, Limp Wrist appear on stage like an exploding firework in a leather waistcoat. That’s what makes this brilliant hardcore, it’s the perfect mix of all that is good about this music, raw energy, the anger in the lyrics, the undiluted brutality of the music, and the fun of going to a gig. See Limp Wrist on stage and all those tracks come to life, it’s why I still search out great hardcore bands and gigs, because sooner or later you eventually come across something this good. In ‘96 I missed Los Crudos at the 1in12 and I will always live with that shame, and now at last I’ve finally seen Limp Wrist, and it’s at the 1in12. Even the relief that I was right to love this band all along was dwarfed by the unflinching adrenaline rush of a Hardcore song in a denim thong. It wasn’t power violence, it wasn’t thrash, it was a blast of sweet grinding men. A brilliant night where I finally got to see one of my hardcore heroes, and he had a moustache and a leather cap on. Class. -Jamie Duncan

Photos by Ricky Adam


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