Dig BMX Magazine – The Travel Issue.
Is this the first time no one has actually been on the cover?!
Photo by Rob Dolecki.

024 MY LIFE IN A BAG: Nebraska to LA transplant, Jeff Cadger brings a mouse and keyboard with him to the UK… but no computer. Find out what other gems Jeff managed to fit in his bag…
026 SANCTUARY: Need some down time? Bed, Breakfast… and BMX? Welcome to the Sanctuary…
028 TEAM MANAGERS: Eclat’s Paul Robinson and United’s Dean Hearne go head to head on the ups and downs of life on the road with ratty and not so ratty BMXers…



034 PERU: “Two cabbies start fist fighting to take our fare of 5 soles (about $2 US).” – Zac Costa, Conall Keenan, and DIG’s Rob Dolecki head off on a Peruvian adventure in search of Ancient Aliens, Machu Picchu, and the ‘realest’ riders.

046 BSD: The US BSD team join their European counterparts in BSD’s hometown of Glasgow, Scotland and experience some untouched spots, beans ‘n’ mash, and Cadg$.


056 CINEMA X ETNIES IN PORTLAND: Dakota Roche, Sean Sexton, Corey Martinez, Tony Neyer, and Chase Dehart get it done in Portland, and keep it anything but weird…


066 ROTTEN ‘THE ROAD TO ROTTEN’: Chris Crawford, Sean Burns, Kenny Horton, and Eric Holladay head out to Bethlehem, PA and recall some team stories from Rock ‘N’ Roller Blader houses with male heroin zombies and a gay Batman. Standard…


074 ECLAT ‘FREE AND SLEAZY’ PART 3: Carpet burns, bed bugs, and three European cities rinsed…


086 DEMOLITION X QBP NORTHEAST TRAILS TRIP: Chris Doyle takes the Demolition crew on a guided tour of some of the beasts of the Northeast…


100 NIGEL SYLVESTER AND RALPHY RAMOS IN ISTANBUL: “Nigel and Ralphy would be chauffeured from one unsuitable spot to another unsuitable spot.” – Sometimes trips abroad don’t go to plan… Nigel and Ralphy Ramos go cold Turkey in Istanbul, via the lens of Ricky Adam.


106 AUSTIN ‘ESSENTIAL FREEDOM’: It wouldn’t be a travel issue without a trip to Austin, right? The Last People’s Brian Barnhart does what he needs to do…


110 LOST FOR WORDS: THE OPPOSITE OF TRAVEL? Robbo, Alex Magallan, Chester Blacksmith, and more show you why the grass is sometime greener right outside your door…
122 TRAVEL SICKNESS: BRIAN KACHINSKY: “The gauze was spread with herbs, like butter on toast and then taped to my thigh.” – Brian Kachinsky recalls his first and last experience with “China medicine”.
124 TRAVEL SICKNESS: BRAD SIMMS: Veteran traveler, Brad Simms finds himself stuck in Australia without his bike and clothes, and doesn’t even get lucky…
126 TRAVEL SICKNESS: EDWIN DELAROSA: “…we drive about five minutes to the hotel. That was the most I saw of Japan.” – Find out how Edwin Delarosa’s first trip abroad to Japan quickly turned into a travel nightmare…
128 ONE FOR THE ROAD – TRUTH HURTS: “The players may have changed, but the rules and the playing field have not.” – An anonymous Austin local lets you visitors know what he really thinks…

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- Cinema X Etnies in Portland
- Eclat ‘Free and Sleazy’ Part 3
- DIG X ROBBO by Rich Forne

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