Ricky Adam took some time out from our busy deadline schedule (thanks for that) to snap a few Instagram photos of some lesser-seen memorabilia and daily goings-on in the DIG office. Almost two decades in and the inspiration keeps coming…

Late again. Fred’s ride.

I can’t work like this! Smokey checking over the DIG 84 flat plan.

Thou shalt not commit decaf.

“Dig Magazine sucks!” – Steven Hamilton

A tasty gift from Crandall and rare snapshot of the Valin bros.

Ad checking, 84 issues in…

Pre DIG vhs classics.

The hall(way) of fame… literally.

Hard drive fail number 2063…

Inspired reading via our neighbour, Frankie Boyle.

The Devil is in the detail. Unlike Poor Boy, DIG and Taj still exist.

Love letters from a bygone era.

DIG fan mail comes in all shapes and sizes…

DIG is official, worldwide, all day…

Oh the irony…

Some things are best left alone. The ill-fated DIG glove idea, circa 2000.

Fred Murray, smashin’ the Facebook.

Every issue ever.

DIG 11-24 / 1999-2002

Timeless inspiration.

Peter Adam. One time DIG office D.I.Y cowboy.

The original Coxie talking shop –

The filing cabinet of pure gold, circa 93 till the dawn of digital.

DIG paraphernalia at its best.

Down to the bare bones. Less is definitely not more.

Go vegan! Some original office artwork by the legendary Chris Hargrave.

Original artwork for that old Taj DIG shirt.

Punks vs ravers.

Obey deadlines!


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