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With all your favourite top American pros such as Nathan Williams (pictured above) wearing figure hugging skin tight jeans, it’s no wonder that the style is now a staple of a lot of BMXers’ wardrobes…But sometimes if you take it too far, fashion over function can be your downfall, just like in the case of one of the guys I was out riding with today, wearing a pair of stretchy girls’ jeans. We were at a spot where there was a pretty easy rail with a drop on the other side and he decided to hop over it to flat – I’ve never met this guy, he was from Orange County, but he was a bit older so I guessed he knew what he was doing. Anyway, he popped over the rail, but over-levelled himself and landed super hard on the flat below. He didn’t crash, but he let out this high pitched squeal and instantly dropped his pants. One dude I was with was sick when he saw what had happened…The pressure exerted on his genitals by the elasticated denim, combined with the high impact landing had caused his testicles to burst through the sack, as pictured below on my crappy mobile phone camera…In light of this, I urge all riders not to go too tight..Or even to consider going back to Comfort Fit – It’s for your own safety….And after all, it’s still not too late to revisit the nineties!

  1. liam

    why would you even wear girls jeans?

  2. jay bean

    all baggy jeans are tight on me because im fat

  3. Laydee Blue

    WOW ! Glad as a girl rider I don’t have this issue

  4. Sam

    This did not happen. You’re a liar and that picture is an obvious fake.


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