Photos by David Leep

Name: Brian Kachinsky
Sponsors: DK, Etnies, Action Village, Arnette, 661, Kenda, System Cycle.
Height: 5’9″

Frame: DK Passport 20.6.
Fork: Odys.
Headset: FSA internal.
Bars: DK Sigma (8.625 rise).
Grips: DK Tsuka.
Bar ends: Mankind press-in.
Stem: DK alpha (top load).
Brake lever: Oops.. where’d that go? I think I lost it somewhere (laughter).
Brake: Whatever Etnies shoes I happen to be wearing at the time. I like the RVLs, Jameson Mids, Numbers and a few others. They recently improved the soles to be perfect for gripping pedals.
Seat: Shadow.
Seat post: Mankind Pivotal.
Clamp: Integrated.
Cranks: DK Social 175mm with DK Ti spindle.
Sprocket: DK alpha 25 tooth.
Pedals: DK plastic.
Chain: DK.
Rear wheel: DK alpha cassette (9 tooth driver), DK spokes, DK Orbit rim.
Front wheel: DK alpha, DK spokes, DK Orbit rim.
Pegs: Animal light.
Rear tire: Shadow at the moment but working with DK/Kenda on a new foldable street tire.
Front tire: Shadow at the moment but working with DK/Kenda on a new foldable street tire.
Weight of bike: I’ve never weighed it but i’m guessing maybe 20-21 lbs? It’s light.

Describe your personal setup.
I have a pretty light and simple set up. It’s in really good shape right now and makes almost no noise. When I drop it it sounds like a basketball, I love that! My front end is pretty high which feels great but my headtube is also steep so it’s the best of both worlds. My frame is post-weld heat treated which saves a bit of weight and makes it stronger. At it’ price it’s one of the most affordable heat treated frames out right now. The angles and dimensions are perfect for all around riding, especially street and skateparks, which is what I usually ride. I wanted a bike that was good to ride anything and that’s what I got! Many of the parts on my bike are pretty new and solid but some parts, i’ve had for a while. I’ve had the same crank arms for over a year and a half with no problems! All in all it’s the best feeling bike i’ve ever ridden. I mean, it should be since I helped design it. It’s a dream come true.

Describe the contents of your personal bike tool bag.
DK random wrench is a must for anytime I bring tools. Everything on my bike is either a 15mm, 17mm, 5mm allen or 6mm allen. The DK random wrench has all of that as well as a spoke wrench. I also sometimes bring a chainbreaker but rarely need that. I also keep some spare spokes with me in case I grind through one but I’ve had great luck with not needing those lately. Kenda also hooked me up with some tubes so I also bring an extra one of those. You never know when you or your riding buddy needs one. I also have a little mini hand pump that comes in handy when an air compressor isn’t available.

What part do you wear through the quickest?
Tubes and grips.

What part do you break most often?
Tubes once again.

Do you patch flat tires or use new tubes?
I prefer a new tube and luckily Kenda just hooked up with some a few extras but patches work great too when a new one isn’t an option.

Which parts are you paranoid about breaking?
I’m not really paranoid about breaking any parts in particular but every once in a while I go through plastic pedals after grinding through them so I always keep an eye on those. It’s also good to keep an eye on your frame and forks to make sure all the welds are still good. I’ve had great luck with both of those though!

Where do your parts go when you are done with them?
I like to ride parts until they are totally beat up but if they aren’t I usually give them to friends when they need something or keep it around in case of an emergency.

Who builds your wheels?
Usually one of the wheel builders at DK/System Cycle build them for me. They do a much better job than I can do. Mike at DK builds them faster and stronger than anyone i’ve ever seen! It’s both an art and a science.

Cassette or freecoaster?
Cassette. Freecoasters are cool but I can’t get used to the natural “play” they have in them. Cassettes just feel more crisp to me. 

How’s the DK chain holding up? Is it in production yet?
Great! They are in production and have actually just updated them again! They are really solid now. It’s nice that it’s a half-link chain so you can put your wheel exactly where you want it. 

Left side drive or right side drive?
Right side drive. 

Kevlar bead or regular bead?
I like Kevlar beads and have had great luck with them. Foldable are nice because I no longer need tire levers. I can muscle them off with no problem. 

Plastic pedals or metal?
Plastic lately. They work out well for me and are affordable. They aren’t as durable as metal but are light and grippy.

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