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So I’ve been over in Cali for nearly a month now, filming some of the United team riders and generally escaping the bad weather at home. The 20th December saw S&M’s ‘I Wanna Live’ DVD premiere and Xmas party. Sean McKinney was Santa Ana Claus, there were grindboxes and rails set up, free beer, free food, and a showing of the video on a huge projector, it was a great night! After that a few of us headed out to Hollywood to see The New York Dolls, but after paying our $40.00 entry fee we were told that they’d already played…So a little more partying carried on until I bailed out, hitching a lift back to where I was staying at Huntington Beach with a guy who was the spitting image of that ponce who sings in The Darkness, and his ‘Girlfriend’ Who I am 99% certain was / is a guy….Who I somehow managed to powerlift on the way back….So, after weighing up the pros and cons of the night, one thing that is for certain is that Jordan Utley did a great job of making the DVD, and the S&M guys did a fine job of putting on such a great party…Here’s a few photos I took that night before greater issues such as walking in a straight line and making sense when I talked became more of a priority…

S&M Premiere – Party People!

Cardona: Pissed Again…

Stricker In A Winter Wonderland


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