la nostra idea di riding in puglia from david margiotta on Vimeo.

When you hear about bmx in italy, it’s always about the same 5 or 6 riders that are actually good enough to make their name known even outside their country. Well the small italian scene has been growing a lot in the past few year, especially in the north where it’s getting bigger and bigger every year. Not exactly the same thing is happening on the other side of the “pizza-country” so that people don’t even think that a bmx scene exist south of rome. that’s one of the reasons why we filmed this short video.

If you want to see a video with all the latest tricks please look elsewhere, we are not , and we don’t aim to become pros. This is a video about friendship, about fun and troubles trying to grow up a scene that is is still made just of a few riders, in the south of Italy where bmx is still “the little kid’s bike”.

Maybe the oldest ones will see in us the spirit that was in italy not too many years ago, that inspired us to start riding and already looked to north italy as a small America, when there were less spots
and less tight-pants-pros, when we had fun with less and when everybody was cheering for an x-up or getting crazy for a sketchy landed tailwhip…

Dedicated to all those who have forgotten what it means to fight for something, to all those who are complaining becouse the closest skatepark is 10 miles away from home, and those who support fake-sponsors that never helped bmx grow and those who cannot see what goes beyond evry trick or every trend. And dedicated to all those who next summer want to have a vacation in south italy to go to the beach, sail with the boat or just eat lots of pizza and buffalo mozzarella, and also want to see our characteristic spots and a scene that still resists within a lot of difficulties.

Thanks to everybody who directly or indirectly support our scene, and also who doesn’t. – David Margiotta


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