New England Chowda Jam Photo Gallery

Photos by Rob Dolecki

Have you ever gathered up a bunch of garbage strewn about in a large parking lot, add pallets, thorns, other assorted times like microwave ovens, and make a course out of it?  Probably not. But that’s what Sean Burns and the Bone Deth crew did at the first ever New England Chowda Jam this past Sunday. The Rumble Pit, as it was aptly named, was definitely the entertaining highlight of the jam. Flats, collisions, and about one crash every ten seconds, but somehow no one got hurt (except for maybe the guy who got some scrapes on his back after trying to get through it shirtless).

Besides The Rumble Pit, the dozen or so bike shops and local companies brought out a cluster of ramps that made up an interesting course, including a grindable giant metal spoon. This was basically an East Coast version of Texas Toast, with shops instead of brands making assorted obstacles. The dirt jumps (built by Circuit BMX) didn’t see much riding thanks to the rain the day before, but the flatland area saw a lot of action. There were 500 wrist bands bought for the event, but those were blown through pretty fast; in fact, about 800 people came out. Not bad, considering Texas Toast was simultaneously going on in Austin, and the fact that it rained all morning prior.

It’s great to see all the shops work together to create something like this; it definitely would be great to see more of these type of events in the future.  Thanks to Chuck at Daily Grind for organizing the jam, and all the shops and companies that made the New England Jam Chowda a memorable one.  I can’t wait for next year’s. -RD

Check out footage from the Rumble Pit here!


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