Battle Of Hastings 2019 Team Captains Announced

The Best Yet?

3 Jul 2019

Boh 19 Captains

Photos courtesy of Source BMX

The downright awesome Battle Of Hastings returns for another year on the south coast of England. As always they are using the team format with 12 appointed Captains taking their pick of any three riders. The crew at Source have been trickle feeding us the list of Captains and soon we'll find out who their individual team choices are. In the meantime, check out the lucky 12.

BOH 2019 Captains

Boyd Hilder

Brian Kachinsky (Legends team)

Corey Walsh

Dan Paley

Felix Prangenberg

Isaac Lesser

Jason Watts

Lewis Mills

Matt Cordova

Pat Casey

Sergio Layos

Denim Cox (Wildcard team)