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6 Jul 2022

10 Photos of Sergio Layos That You Really Need to See

"you have to drop in from the other side and pedal till your eyes want to pop out of their sockets"


Photos Courtesy of Fly Bikes

We never really need an excuse to share photos of ionic style master Sergio Layos and this recent batch of images that came our way via Fly Bikes proved to be no exception to that rule.

This was a great excuse though to catch up with Sergio about his recent 'Layos' Rich Forne X FLY BIKES edit. Enjoy!

How long did filming take in total?

It took a few months since it seems like we all are busy and we never did a trip just to film for this. We always had to work around a few peoples schedules but we started filming at the beginning of last summer or so.

What was the furthest spot you travelled to?

I think the furthest spot we went to could be the Lost Bowl. For me its a drive from Madrid to Malaga, and then it takes a bit of a drive to get there though some cool scenery dirt roads.

What was the most difficult clip to film?

I’m not sure about this one.. there have been a few tricky ones and some that you only want to try once but then seeing that it could be better on both ends made some shots difficult to get. But I think it has to be that way if you are a perfectionist like Rich is.

What clip are you most stoked on?

I’m really stoked about the final clip of my part... that bowl is a bit slippery and was trying to get the line right to where I could take enough speed without loosing the front. There was no room for error as the other transition is right there as soon as you land. Not doing it perfect first go wasn’t an option and that made it extra special for me.

How did you end up filming this one with Rich Forne?

Since he filmed Badlands I felt that everything he did had a special touch and felt more than just another BMX edit. He was filming with Rubio and I joined them on one of the trips and that is when we spoke about this project. I couldn’t be more honored to have been able to film with Rich.

How was the Biarritz museum to ride? Do you have any problems with security? Is it difficult to ride?

It wasn’t my first time there as once I shoot some photos with Vince Perraud and with Ben Gea and always loved the spot. It's hard to ride as you have to drop in from the other side and pedal till your eyes want to pop out of their sockets and then pray for you to hit a nice spot to air. You never know what’s going to happen as it is made out of cobblestones.

Every time I went there I never had any problems with security and people seem to be pretty calm about people riding there.

Are you very selective with what you film? Do you ever film anything and then decide to not use it?

I think I am really selective but this is a two person job. Sometimes the filmer wants something to look one way or wants something that you never thought it was worth filming - and that ends up looking amazing. Knowing Rich and being able to trust him I didn’t even needed to watch the clips - if he says it’s good you know it’s perfect.

Were there any clips that you wanted but couldn’t get?

I definitely would have loved to do a trip just for this project and maybe would love to be able to film a gap at my local park that its been in my bucket list for a long time now.

What are your top 3 favourite Spanish skateparks?

Ruben’s Bowl will always be on the top of the list, Irun’s park is an other place that I love to ride as it has something special that every time I ride it makes me feel really good and then the bowl in Miranda de Ebro also has something that makes me have to stop every time I drive to the north.

What’s next for you? Do you have any plans for the rest of 2022?

The plan is to enjoy bike riding as much as I can and as I’m always looking for places to go I’m sure I will end up doing something fun for sure!


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