20230804 DIG GLASGOW 0028
11 Aug 2023


Jammin' and premierin'

Photos by Rob Dolecki - Additional Photos by Fred Murray & David Leep

In celebration of DIG turning 30 (still hard to believe!), we threw a 30 YEARS OF DIG Photo Exhibition/ ‘THIS BIKE COULD BE YOUR LIFE’ 30-year book release (available for pre-order) at the Loading Bay Skatepark in Glasgow. It was tied it into the BSD Welcome To Glasgow jam, as well as closing the night out with our new DIG x Fred Murray Shots Fired photo documentary put together by videographer/editor extraordinaire Peter Adam, as well as Reed Stark’s new edit, a surprise 50th birthday edit of the BSD bossman himself, Grant Smith, and capping it off with the latest Procedure full-length.

The following is a collection of photos from the evening. Being that it was such a milestone for everyone at DIG, we were more focused (no pun intended) on relishing the evening as opposed to documenting it, so please excuse anything notable that evening which wasn’t photographed.

Huge thanks to everyone who attended and to everyone who helped us to this point over the last 30 years! Special thanks to BSD and the The Loading Bay Glasgow for sharing the love.

20230804 DIG GLASGOW 0123

Trent Lutzke, X-up feeble In between being behind the video cam.



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20230804 DIG GLASGOW 0161

Antonio Smallwood, double-truckin' like a boss.

20230804 DIG GLASGOW 0126

Frasier Hill - stylish at all times.

20230804 DIG GLASGOW 0147

Top to bottom- Joe Foley's precision manual.

RC 1

Best part of the night. If you know you know.

20230804 DIG GLASGOW 0086
20230804 DIG GLASGOW 0089
5 D 3628

Culture vultures.

20230804 DIG GLASGOW 0219

Surprisingly there were no casualties on the insanely high-speed downhill setup; Hector Spencer-Wood ended up launching the furthest distance.

Greg Layden long jump

Greg Layden had fire in his eyes during the long jump comp. Huge tuck before hang-5ing all the way to Nice and Sleazy.

David Leep long jump

Our guy David Leep in his element.

Hector Spencer wood long jump

Local speed enthusiast and actual astro-physicist, Hector Spencer-Wood, calculating speed and trajectory.

5 D 3570

Print is Dead. Long Live Print.

The DIG 30 Year Exhibition is still running at THE LOADING BAY Skatepark in Glasgow.

The DIG 30 YEAR BOOK 'THIS BIKE COULD BE YOUR LIFE' is available for pre-order now.