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24 Jun 2022


Serving the mile high city of Denver

Words & Video by Danny Camacho | Photos: Eddie Welsh | Additional photos by Clay Brown - PUSHER BMX

For eleven years and counting Pusher BMX has been serving the mile high city of Denver, Colorado with all its BMX needs and wants.

I picked up a camera late 2019 and just started getting busy with the boys. Whenever we were getting close to celebrating 10 years at the end of 2020 we had a bunch of footage stacked. We wanted to throw a video premiere party but due to covid restrictions we had to wait the following year as things started getting back to normal. It gave us a little more time to film and make a mixtape. End of 2021 we had our premiere party hosted by Little Machine Brewery.

Two trailers with all local crews played before our video that night; Untrue BMX 'Make it a Double' and Downby crew 'Trail Dreamin’ set off the crowd before ours began. We had a little gallery of photos to go with the video as well. The stoke was high the entire night and we even welcomed local shredder Joey Hobart to the squad.

We ended up making DVDs of the mix and gave them out to all our awesome customers and close family and friends.

Congratulations to the PUSHER BMX Boss man Clay Brown! - DC


Pusher Clay Fakie

Clay Brown by Eddie Welsh

Pusher 10
Pusher Shane V

Shane V Colfax Cuts by Clay Brown

Pusher Dev Cb Frisco

Devin Burks (chef) 360 Candy Bar. Shot by Clay Brown.

Pusher Devin Burks Wallice

Chef finishing up his line with a Wall Ice. Shot by Eddie Welsh

Pusher Masterchef Candybarnose

Devin sure loves kicking that foot out. Shot by Eddie Welsh

Pusher Micah2

Micah Lee was determined to get these last clips in before the deadline. Shot by Eddie Welsh

Pusher Preston

More Colfax cuts. Preston Solis Wall Ride. Shot by Clay Brown

Pusher Vapor Broom Tdown 2

Danny Camacho Turndown. Shot by Eddie Welsh

Pusher Preston 270

Preston Solis spot usage on point. 270 tooth. Shot by Clay Brown.

Pusher Img 1040

Ending the video with the cherry on top! Micah drives past this rail everyday leaving home. Shot by Eddie Welsh.


Pusher BMX 10 Year Video

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Pusher P3

Most hated man in Denver Preston Solis Divin in’. Shot by Clay Brown