Simple session 2023 boyd hilder 9
27 Sep 2023

Simple Session 2023 Photo Journal

23 years and counting...

Photos & words: Wes McGrath


Simple Session turns 23 this year and within the lifetime of this contest it has evolved into many different shapes and forms. This year, the event had a much further reach into the city of Tallinn; the week was full of Simple Session affiliated activities, BMX & skate jams, parties and more for the athletes and residents of the city to share and enjoy. Starting with all the action before finals on Sunday, the Freedom Square jam and the Skoone Street DIY jam went down along side practice and qualifiers!

All the riders came to Estonia with the excitement to experience a contest like none other, and to showcase bike riding for the world to see! Come with us as we bring you closer to Simple Session and the riders who make it possible…

Simple session 2023 extras 6

Harrison Acari is a first year rider at SS 23’ and he found out quickly how it’s all about having fun! Veterans such as Reed Stark, Joe Jarvis, Boyd Hilder and Jordan Godwin all surround him as they all celebrated an amazing run on course!

Freedom Square Jam

After everyone is checked into their hotels, bikes are recovered from the lost luggage department at the airport and the first practice sessions are finished, the street jam at Freedom Square went wild on Thursday! In the middle of town there was a built out a box jump, vert-wall and multiple street setups, safely situated down the steps to where overhead viewing was easy for any passerby to enjoy... This was a great way for the local people of Tallinn to have a more personal exposure to BMX on an afternoon stroll.

Simplesession 2023 Alex Hiam 1

Alex Hiam 360 invert across the box with a steeze only Alex can master.

Simple session 2023 unknown 1

An unknown shredder from the Etonian scene made sure to come through to the freedom jam and join in on the cash grab with this smooth crank-flip to feeble.

Simplesession 2023 Oshima Yuma 1

Oshima Yuma reminds me of a young Brian Terada! His fast paced and smooth riding is something you don’t see around too much anymore… Abubaca to fakie crank flip.

Simplesession 2023 Alex Hiam 2

Alex Hiam is always so good at what he does and this airwalk seat grab over the box isn't your average trick to see come from a street jam.

Simple session 2023 oshimo yuma 5

Oshima Yuma fits perfectly into this perspective!

Simplesession 2023 Boyd 2

"Boyd made this vert wall carve look way too easy!"


Simplesession 2023 Freedom square 2

Parker Heath was throwing bar spins out of one-handed x-up grinds all weekend long and this one made him 20 euros wealthier!

Simple session 2023 casey starling 1

Casey Starling is really on point lately, this toothpick hanger down the whole rail was high speed, controlled and smooth as butter!

Simplesession 2023 Boyd 3

Boyd Hilder takes the win down in Freedom Square with beer in hand. Always amazing riding from this young shredder!

Simplesession 2023 Freedom square 1

Freedom Square shinning as the sun sets on Friday evening across Tallinn.

Skoone Street Jam

After the first day of show has commenced, everyone takes to the city to explore the town without snow everywhere and enjoying the variety of pubs and clubs throughout the night... The next day on Friday, the Skoone Street DIY jam went down atop a hill at one of Tallinn's only DIY spots for the BMX and skateboard community. This was an opportunity to have the local scene and Simple Session athletes ride together, the park was sunny and the excitement was at an all time high for everyone to enjoy a rarely warm September afternoon in Estonia.

Simplesession 2023 Skoone street jam 1

An unknown local going the distance with a high speed double peg grind on the subrosa rail to long jump.

Simplesession 2023 Skoone street jam 2

This wild move was highly unexpected... pegs up the rail to loooose invert!

Simple session 2023 filippos kosmidis 3

Filippos Kosmidis has a great downside tailwhip out of grinds and this was a prime example of it but this time he does it out of a crooked grind up the rail.

Simplesession 2023 Skoone joe jarvis 3

Joe Jarvis pegs up the rail to 360 barspin.

Simplesession 2023 Skoone joe jarvis 1

Joe Jarvis charged at this up rail for pegs hard 540!

Simplesession 2023 Skoone joe jarvis 2

Joe Jarvis switch double peg up the rail to switch 360!

Simplesession 2023 Skoone street jam 3

After the up-rail jam was finished everyone migrated over to the infamous never been done Skoone DIY rail. Apparently, no one has ever grinded the rail on a bike before… until this session happened. A handful of riders tried and only two made it to the bottom!

Simplesession 2023 Skoone joe jarvis 4

Joe went the distance going down the rail switch!


Simplesession 2023 Skoone street jam 5

According to Tallinn local history, Grigas Dobrovolskas was the first BMX rider to ever make it down this rail in its lifetime!

Simplesession 2023 Skoone joe jarvis 7

Joe Jarvis pushing his way back up the hill through the bushes after landing the rail at full speed!

Simplesession 2023 Skoone joe jarvis 5

Joe Jarvis went after the rail throughout the whole session and he definitely kept everyone laughing until the end. Here he turns around for more!

Simplesession 2023 Skoone street jam 7

Grigas Dobrovolskas comes from Lithuania and he took no time to make himself known during the Skoone DIY jam... Going where no Estonian has gone before, all the way down this rail into the local history books!

Simple session 2023 linda grabner 2

Linda Grabner competed in this years Sister Session and she didn't hold back from riding the rail with Jarvis and Grigas! She marches back up the stairs to give it another try.

Pohjala Tehas

After a full week of shenanigans all over Tallinn, now its time for the main attraction... The weekend of qualifiers and finals has finally arrived! Inside this years Simple Session course, at the Pohjala Tehas district, all the riders gather to push their limits on another unique street inspired design. This year’s session was especially good, full of family and friends, the vibes were strong and the riding was top tier throughout the entire contest!

Simple session 2023 finals 1

As the finals begin on course and on live broadcast, the athletes assemble in order from 1st qualifier to 15th place. After the introductions, all bets are off and simple session begins!

Simple session 2023 finals boyd hilder 4

Boyd Hilder holds his breath right before the camera turns to him.

Simple session 2023 finals courage 2

Courage Adams smiles and turns from the camera to face to screaming crowd right before he drops-in!

Simplesession 2023 Reed Stark 4

Reed Stark always seems to find a fast-paced and unique approach to the course. He sticks this downside icepick on the Radio Bikes sub box in every run.

Simplesession 2023 santiago laverde 1

Santiago Laverde has such a signature style with this trick, a one-handed invert high above everyone’s head!

Simplesession 2023 Jordan Godwin 1

Jordan Godwin is considered to be one of the best street riders of our era right now and with that being said it was a pleasure to watch him ride the course this year. Downside whip over the hip.

Simple session 2023 joe jarvis 6

Joe Jarvis is always a crowd favorite here at Simple Session and for good reason. His riding was raw and his antics were unfiltered! Switch hanger pop-over to double peg hard 360!

Simple session 2023 finals stuart chisholm 7

Stuart Chisholm is the real MVP of Simple Session this year!


Simplesession 2023 Reed Stark 2 NOBULL 300dpi

Reed Stark high speed walla to downside icepick across the grind ledge over the hip.

Simple session 2023 finals Bruno Hoffman 1

Bruno Hoffman smashes into the railing with precise control as he pulls this downside smith to 270 back into the bank during finals!

Simple session 2023 finals boyd hilder 8

Boyd Hilder hits this transfer in every one of his runs and does a different trick each time, this time during finals he decides to throw a proper downside whip with ease.

Simplesession 2023 Gasar Guandulain 1

Gaspar Guendulain comes through with smooth moves every time… just like this 270 backflip to fakie over the hip!

Simplesession 2023 qualifiers courage 1

Courage Adams in qualifiers on Saturday. Photo by Wes McGrath

And the winners are...


1st place - Bethany Hedrick

2nd place - Angie Marino

3rd place - Anahi Valentina


1. Boyd Hilder (AUS) 90.33 2. Matt Ray (USA) 88.00 3. Jordan Godwin (GBR) 87.5

4. Courage Adams (ESP) 85 5. Murray Loubser (RSA) 84.33 6. Reed Stark (USA) 82.66 7. Kilian Roth (GER) 82.16

8. Joe Jarvis (GBR) 82.00 9. Stuart Chisholm (GBR) 81.66 10. Santiago Laverde (COL) 80 11. Bruno Hoffmann (GER) 78.66

12. Johnny Raekes (USA) 77 13. Parker Heath (USA) 74 14. Michael Dickson (GBR) 70.33 15. Jacman Hinss (AUS) 64.33

Simple session 2023 sister session podium 1

These three women battled it out for the top 3 spots on the Sister Session podium this year! Bethany Hendrick USA (center) takes first place, Angie Marino USA (right) takes second place and Anahi Valentina ECU in third place!

Simple sessionn 2023 finals podium boyd Ray godwin 1

Boyd Hilder, Matt Ray and Jordan Godwin enjoy the signature taste of Simple Session glory with a champagne shower on the podium for 2023!

Simple session 2023 finals matt ray 5

Matt Ray really came from behind and clinched 2nd place with his last run putting him right behind Boyd Hilder.

Simple session 2023 finals 5

Boyd Hilder and Jordan Godwin share the grin of success as well as sharing the same green stickers on their helmets, representing the Monster Energy squad.

Simple session 2023 sister session podium 2

Bethany Hendrick taking home the bank in 1st place. Sister Session 2023.

Simple session 2023 finals johnny raekes 1

Johnny Raekes came in swinging this year, a late flight left him in qualifiers without any practice. Didn't seem to phase him very much as he took the win for the Radio Bikes best trick across three obstacles in the park.

Simple session 2023 finals 3

The show comes to an end but only until next year for Simple Session 2024 in Tartu, Estonia!

Congratulations to all the riders involved who rode their hearts out and to all the producers at Simple Session for their hard work all year round and keeping this epic contest alive and well for everyone this year and many more to come!

See you for Simple Session 24 in Tartu, Estonia. August 24-25, 2024!