Jordan Godwin Tryes To Bars
16 Jun 2021


A Yorkshire adventure with Wethepeople UK


Photos and words by Fred Murray

Spirits were high as Dan Banks and myself blasted down the M6, the main artery that goes between the north and the south of the UK. Service stations were stopped at, and overpriced tasteless sandwiches we devoured. This was the first real BMX trip I'd been on for over a year thanks to "you know what" and my excitement was mixed with a side of anxiety as if I was 16 again and traveling for the first time. The destination? Yorkshire.

Upon arrival we were greeted by Wethepeople and Leeds local Paul Robinson, at first eating a vegan fish and chips and then offering it to us after explaining his regret at not just buying a real fish. "Bit weird" he said as we poked at the fake Nemo and then admired the giant Wethepeople sticker he had attached to the brand new rental van. Soon after, the Welsh contingent (Lewis Griffiths, Jordan Godwin and Dennis Humphreys) appeared stuffed into Butch's VW Golf, buzzing with excitement. The apartment was set beside Hyde Park - somewhere most people would have ventured if they had been to Leeds before. A home for students, drug dealers and the odd weirdo - this place is definitely an experience to say the least. This evening was no different. You would have thought it was 420 with the plooms of smoke hovering over thousands of swarming humans relishing in their new freedom and 20c weather, and the police looking on with blank faces. This is where we would call home.

Six days later and in general our first trip back couldn't have gone much better - despite poor Butch knocking himself funny on the first day. Weather, food, company and spots were as good as it gets. Evening entertainment mostly consisted of bad TV game shows, drinking and Jordan trying to wind up Butch at all times. It was a BMX dream. It would be easy for me to recount each day here in words, but quite frankly i think the photos will do it better justice. FUCK YOU COVID - WE'RE BACK!

Dsc 0726 Copy

Dan Banks, Butch, Jordan Godwin and Dennis Humphreys

Dsc 0569 Copy

Jordan contemplates his next move.

Dsc 0557 Copy

This estate was a gold mine. Both for spots and photos.

Dan Banks Pegs To Bar Over

"Pegs up to bar over from Mudhut, straight to lashings of vegan duck and chips."

Dsc 0507 Copy

Day two looking more like day seven for Dan's mitts.

Jordan Godwin Tuck

Apparently there were students taking exams in the building behind this spot. I don't think they were very happy with us, especially when i asked Jordan to do this again. We got kicked out immediately after this.

Dan Banks Cranks Bar

No matter the spot, Dan Banks will come away with a clip. He's a lot better at riding than he is bike mechanic-ing.

Dsc 0055 Copy

Clip in the bag face.

Jordan Godwin Crook Hard 180

"Watching Jordan do his thing on rails is ridiculous. His levels of consistency and ability to keep a cool head is superhuman."

Dsc 0489 Copy

Jordan and a new pal.

Dsc 8256 Copy

Dan - quick uni hit before the boot.

Dsc 0251 Copy

We didn't just stay in Leeds the whole week, a day out in Manchester proved successful with a mad amount of spots and loads of beers.

Dsc 8572 Copy

The crew look on as the 225 cam gets flipped. Spending the day with Jambul was next level.

Dsc 8576 Copy

Fathead downward dog.

Dsc 9511 Copy

New Wethepeople addition Danny Heron managed to burst open his nose carrying his bike up a few stairs. Seconds later it looked like a crime scene.

Dsc 9524 Copy

Yeah, that's just from one nose.

Dsc 0195 Copy

This alley smelt so badly of piss i'm surprised Muddy didn't get the fuck outta there on first inspection.

Dsc 0198 Copy

Piss avoided, clip in the bag.

Dsc 0551 Copy

We kept the apartment real nice.

Dsc 0554 Copy

Jordan Godwin was relegated to the least lavish sleeping quarters but after a few nights of sofa tetris he found the optimum sleeping position.

Dsc 8564 Copy

Fathead showed up with some sunglasses he found on his morning dog walk.

Dsc 8624 Copy

Don't mess with Yorkshire.

Jordan Godwin Ice Hard 180

"Ice hard ain't hard for Jordan. Something that would take most people hours was completed in under a minute."

Dsc 8730 Copy

Dan doesn't even smoke...

Dsc 8748 Copy

Guns don't kill people, Wappers do.

Dsc 9646 Copy

After some ridiculously flamboyant attempts at removing these padlocks from the spot below, all it took was some precise leveraging.

Jordan Godwin Hanger

Spot unlocked, Jordan and Danny proceeded to do kill the fuck out of it.

Dsc 9652 Copy

"I'm calling the police." Needless to say, they didn't show up.

Dsc 8741 Copy


Dsc 8676 Copy

Butch and Big Den.

Dsc 8672 Copy

Jambul VS Police was a highlight of the trip.

Jordan Godwin Hanger Coop

Jordan doubling up at the Co-op with a hanger for his second course.

Dsc 9994 Copy

Dan. Earthing.

Dsc 8516 Copy

"Where are we again?" Butch trying to recover some memory after a bad encounter with a rail feeble on day one.

Dsc 8668 Copy

Danny Heron, minus the blood.

Dsc 0026 Copy

Jordan Godwin in an estate that was so photogenic i filled up a whole memory card in the one place.

Dsc 0286 Copy

Dennis Humphreys is a tough bastard. He messed up his hand early on but battled through.

Jordan Godwin Uprail Whip 2

"Last day heat from Godders."

Butch Smith Barspin

Thanks to the friendliest security guard in Manchester, Butch got the all clear for this smith bar.

Dsc 8692 Copy

Sheffield at 'that' spot.



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