16 Feb 2017

Garrett Byrnes 'Coming Down' Official Trailer

A New DIG BMX Documentary Coming Soon!


Fitbikeco - Grey

Fresh drop from Fit - More Info

Animal Bikes - QSS 3 "Foreign & Domestic" Mike Hoder

Animal just re-uped this from 2012, so good - More Info

Another fucking mixtape

Wild moves with a solid crew vibe - More Info

COREY WALSH - Full Speed in Portugal

Ninja Warrior takes on large transitions - More Info

Bruno Hoffmann Joins The Global Vans Team

Solid moves from the king of Germany - More Info

Connetication Extras

Cutting Room Floor Stuff - More Info


"Ya that one Welsh guy that ice hard 180'ed Hollywood High" - More Info

No Donuts - No Comment!

"I’ll smack you harder than that lad did" - More Info

GT BMX - Seriously Fun (72 Hour Premiere)

Brian Kachinsky, Rob Wise, Jeff With Glasses, Albert Mercado, Dan Conway and more - More Info

Riley Abramyk - 1664 Double Double Rim

Classic cruising style in Vancouver - More Info

Benn Pigot - Back Bone DVD

Airing high and tiresliding in Australia - More Info