20230421 OHIO 0218
9 Jul 2023

Postcards from Ohio - Photo Journal

3 cities, hundreds of spots


Photos by Rob Dolecki

With three large cities containing hundreds of spots within an hour's drive of Ryan Howard's crib, Billy Woodfin decided to combine filming for an upcoming video part with a Profile trip with some of his teammates. With an abnormally hot spring week upon the area, Billy, Dan Conway, Leeper brothers Dillon and Shane, as well as fellow Richmond native Latané Coghill took on the excessive heat, and a few rainy days like champs and came away with a couple of solid edits from under a week's worth of shredding.

After browsing the gallery, peep the video edits found below.

20230419 OHIO 0040

Sun's out, smiths out. Dan firing one out pre-shirtless session.

20230419 OHIO 0020

Dan Conway kicking off the trip on a rugged buckeye hip...

20230419 OHIO 0023

with Billy following up with a 270 truck near a rust-belted Blazer.

20230421 OHIO 0149

Ever seen a kid's playground feature that looks ecactly modeled after skatepark? Me neither. Latané during a hit-and-run sesh long after bedtime.

20230420 OHIO 0119 C

Thanks in part to Steven Hamilton's discovery, Billy could do this Canadian nosepick on an object that has no real purpose in life, other than for this.

20230419 OHIO 0112

Trick improv master Dillon with a classic hip 270 truck.

20230420 OHIO 0131

Ain't nothing slowing down Dan, other than a pesky curb a few feet past bottom of this rail.

20230421 OHIO 0211

After Dillon and Ryan repaired the guard rail, toothpick master of all varieties Billy proceeded to unlock this setup with an over tooth.


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