IN THE CUT - Profile Neighborhood Crawl - Tampa

A hometown DIY renaissance

19 Mar 2020

Edited by Matt Coplon

“In January of 2020, I brought part of our crew back down to Tampa for the third Profile Neighborhood Crawl. Over the past year, my hometown has seen a DIY renaissance with a cache of freshly built backyard set-ups and do-it-yourself street spots, all within the backdrop of our communities having stepped up to advocate for a plethora of new public skateparks. This muli-media feature is a celebration of where Tampa Bay has come from, it’s roots in both punk and BMX, and to what it has become.” - Matt Coplon

Read the full story here and watch the main edit HERE.


Riding by Cory Foust, Chris Childs, Bobby Proctor, Lucas Porzio, Alex Tate, Dylan Kakowski, Mark Mulville, and Chad Degroot.

Thanks from Matt to Profile Racing, Brian Schaefer and Edwin Velez (Skatepark of Tampa), Alan and Beth Shirley, Alex and Shannon Lepak, Jona Jachan, Zach Ozment, James Covington, and Will Smyth/Dig Bmx. And special thanks to these folks for archival information on the Tampa DIY Punk Scene: Henry Wilson, Jeff Howe, Dan Shook, Jimmy Reese and Keith Ulrey.

Filmed by @matt_coplon and @jonajahchan

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