Profile's Neighborhood Crawl - TULSA

Exploring the innards and outards of T-Town

1 Jul 2019

Edit Filmed by Dillon Leeper and Matt Coplon, edited by Matt Coplon.

"For this second installment of Profile’s neighborhood Crawl, we brought Shane and Dillon Leeper as well as Billy Woodfin to Tulsa in the Spring of 2019.

While avoiding the impending, seriously oppressive summer, we used my wife’s house as a homebase, and explored the innards and outards of T-Town for a total of 5 days.

Here’s the fruits of our fun...We hope you enjoy." - Matt Coplon

Check out the extended PHOTO JOURNAL from the trip here.

Thanks to Trey Ehart and Entertainment for usage of the song “Confusion of Senses” featured on the album “Gender” released on Stickfigure Records.

Thanks to Russell Wadlin, Aaron Anderson, and especially Ariel and Lucy Gunn, and Kyle Kisling, for continuing to make Tulsa one of the most enjoyable cities to travel to. - MC