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3 Jun 2016

Vans 'Illustrated' - Lisbon Photo Journal

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Words and Photos by Fred Murray

The anticipation is high for the new Vans video, 'Illustrated' and a lucky few have already been privy to a premiere last night in Austin. If like us you can't wait to see what the Vans guys have been cooking up then get on iTunes and pre-order the video so you can watch it soon as it drops. While you're waiting take a look through our photo journal and In The Cut video from a last chance 'Illustrated' filming trip Bruno Hoffmann and Anthony Perrin took to Lisbon, Portugal meeting up with Vans flow teammate and local Diogo Santos. Get at more 'Illustrated' content in our 'related' section below.

Bruno Tooth Over

Warm up spots on a trip are a necessity, but this one was hectic... and cobbled. Bruno mid-line in the morning sun before we moved on to bigger things.

Bruno Hoffmann Nollie Wallride

This was a total mind-fuck. The run in was kinda slippery tile with a fast right and then left carve onto the stairs. It also happened to be the steepest set i've encountered in a long time. Bruno swore a bunch of times, looked frustrated, waved his hands about and then got it done first time. It's amazing how the brain can overcome fear. True German precision needed for this one.

Anto Perrin Bridge

No, we didn't have a layover in San Francisco. This is the 25 de Abril Bridge in Lisbon - constructed by the American Bridge Company which constructed the San Francisco–Oakland Bay Bridge, but not the Golden Gate. There you have it.

Anto Crash 1

Anto Perrin with the ice hard routine...

Anto Crash 2

... and again.

Diogo Santos Gap Kid Watching

Diogo Santos is one of my favourite people to watch ride. He goes fast, skids about, has those little nub pegs... he's never doing your average kinda tricks. However, if the dude needs to pedal, then he can pedal. Avocado fuelled gap for the enjoyment of a local resident.

Diogo Wallride Leak

Why do all the fun spots have the most dog shit? Diogo weaved in between the doo-doo and had some fun on this Grant Smith approved walla.

Bruno Hoffman Gap To Wallride

This was the first day i arrived to join the group in Lisbon and this was also the first spot we went to that day. A bank setup with ledges located at the base with a gap over the other side. Too good. Bruno started things off with this gap wallride.

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In The Cut - Vans 'Illustrated' in Lisbon

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Bruno Hoffman Oppo Tooth Manual 180

This spot was just crying out to get fucked up. It was a rainy day when we found this and we actually sat in the car looking at it for a good 15 minutes before Bruno decided that it was as dry as it was going to get. Oppo tooth over to manual oppo 180.

Bruno Celebrate 2


Bruno Celebrate 1


Diogo Santos Truck

Local knowledge paid off as usual with the help of Lisbon resident and fellow Vans teammate Diogo Santos. Truck gap at that incredible spot.

Diogo Wallride Euro

This spot is a wallrider's dream. Banks on each side and jibbs to the right side. Diogo taking full advantage with the wallride to euro.

Bruno Hoffmann 540 To Half Cab

Bruno and I have shot some big ol' 540's in our time so i knew he'd have this one in the bag. Cab over the wall included for good measure.

Diogo Santos Wallride Oppo Whip

Hugo Almeida took us to this beauty and we all had to stop and stare for ten minutes to take in the madness. A tropical vibe pool within a mansion compound ain't bad... Difficult to ride but Diogo and Bruno clipped up.

Bruno Anto Bridge

Tourist day.

Bruno Anto Ghetto

Eyeing up a gap in the ghetto.

Diogo Santos House Wallride

This little building was right beside the sea and was the epitomy of a "nearly spot". Diogo couldn't get the roof line he wanted but stuck this fun wallride.

Anto Perrin Barspin Gap

Anthony Perrin knows what's up when it comes to a big barspin. You may remember his huge bars in Budapest in his DIG video years ago? In fact he had attempted another huge barspin a few days before and was still getting pains from the resulting whiplash. Thankfully he nailed this first go.

Bruno Jesus 2

Lisbon loves religion... a lot.

Onlooker Bruno

The new generation?

Diogo Rail Gap

This spot was busy as fuck and the run out went straight into a narrow alley where people kept popping out. Diogo hit the gas and kersnapped straight outta there.