21 Years Of DIG Photo Gallery At House of Vans

This is BMX portrayed in the way we like to see it portrayed...

14 Nov 2014

DIG photo gallery

A DIG Presentation

At this point we still can't believe that this is actually happening but we've got a very special DIG event lined up as part of next weekend's Vans Rebel Jam. On Friday 21st we're going to be showcasing 21 years worth of DIG photography, layouts, artwork and general randomness at House of Vans in London, UK. Everyone is welcome too so feel free to head over for a look. From the very first issue back in 1993 right up until our last print issue earlier this year we've trawled through our archives to put together a heavy selection of 99 magazines worth of BMX culture.

With photos and artwork from Rob Dolecki, Ricky Adam, Andrew White, Sandy Carson, Seth Holton, Taj Mihelich, Fred Murray, Ed Docherty, Chris Hallman, Ryan Worcester and many many more, you know this is going to be the real deal. This is BMX portrayed in the way we like to see it portrayed. We hope to see you there!

DIG covers 1 99
DIG BMX 21 years neg flyer 1