Gnarloween Jam - DIG BMX In The Cut -2023

Tricks for treats.

2 Nov 2023

Filmed by Rob Dolecki and Ken Clifford

After a number of successive rained-out fall weekends throughout the Northeast U.S., the 8th Annual GNARBQ jam in South New Jersey morphed into the GNARLOWEEN Jam, and it was a treat, literally and figuratively. 100% DIY to the core, and non-stop wildness and laughs all day long. Shout-out to Chris "Baboon" Volkwine, Sean Rose, Chris Aceto, and everyone who helped make the jam possible.

This event was also a fundraiser for fellow BMX'er Jim Murray; please donate HERE.

Read more about JIm HERE.

Supported by Subrosa, Profile, Meseroll, S&M, FIT, Kink, Shadow, Burn Slow.