9Acres - Welcome to 9 Acres! - S&M BMX

The Halahan clan's compound...

16 Sep 2021

Filmed by Murphy Moschetta / Halahan Clan

Episode 2 of the S&M 9 Acres web series dives into a little background of the Halahan compound:

"In 2013, Mike and Jen Halahan packed up their four kids and their home in the city of Pittsburgh and headed north to build a new life in the PA Woods. Eight years in, they've got 9 Acres (their killer backyard trails) and four styley shredders (Lukas, Nate, Shane and Kaci) to show for it. It’s an all-hands-on-deck affair at 9 Acres and the Halahan’s are harvesting the fruits of their labor. In this episode, they crew cleans up the spot and then get down and dirty on it. Welcome to the dirt farm fam. Enjoy the ride."