A Long Shot - BCN BMX

Four Kiwis / Aussies in Barcelona

1 May 2020

Video by Bevan Cowan

Kiwis / Aussies do Barcelona! Featuring Bevan Cowan, Jax Anderson, Adrian Barling and Gareth Kelly.

"Every now and again, life can give you a real kick in the ass (for better or for worse). It’s what you take and make from it that counts. I firmly believe that life will keep advancing at an increasingly rapid pace and it doesn’t give a fuck about your permission to do so. I have no intention of rushing into the next 40 years of my life. Don’t get me wrong, I am terribly excited about the day I buy a house, have a family and pour myself into them, but life for me isn’t quite there yet, so I intend to see and experience all I can. And for that reason when I received a message out of the blue from Jax about the possibility of going to BCN, I was going to exhaust every resource possible to make this happen. I was dead broke, working a shit grave shift job and was still adjusting to the passing of my father from the previous year. It was going to be a long shot, but it was needed. All in all, this experience (while admittedly, an emotional time for me) was a god-send. Good times, good dudes, good weather, beers and bikes. Nothing ground-breaking happened riding wise on this trip but it ticked all the boxes we needing ticking got ticked and we created a series of life-long memories with the true essence of BMX." - Bevan Cowan