Addendum - Round two of Rattymaty's So Florida experience - Profile

Back for more Tampa action...

18 Apr 2022

Filmed and Edited by Matt Coplon.

Rattymaty back in Tampa, checking off a few moves missed from his "So Florida" edit:

"A little over 4 weeks after leaving Tampa, Rattymaty flew back to Florida for Swampfest. Considering a heavy, Spring storm cut riding short on most of the trip, he had one single afternoon before flying back to SD to check off a couple moves injuries had prevented on the initial "So Florida" trip. Zig-zagging across town, which included a stop at Blacklist bike shop to fix his broken brakes (thanks to Steve Caro), Rattymaty was able to dial everything in before Dusk. Four clips, one afternoon...this is his Addendum. We hope you enjoy."