"Some of the UK's best places, North and South"

3 Nov 2021

Filmed by: Matt Harris, Damo Wilkinson, Louis Rawlings

Inch destroys the trails, skateparks, and streets in his Welcome to Fit Bike Co edit. Sit back and enjoy... it'll make you wanna go fast!

Andrew "INCH" Thompson with style for MILES is this 'Welcome to FIT UK' extravaganza. We could go on, or you could watch it yourself and hear it straight from the horse's mouth below. Amped to have you on board Inch! - Fit Bike Co

After a tough year in 2020 due to travel restrictions I made sure to have as much fun as possible this year doing van road trips riding & skating as well as the usual Woodyard session antics. We travelled to some of the UK's best places North and South on the lookout to ride some of the best concrete parks we could find. The summer had been very on and off weatherwise and by no means consistent so trails sessions were hard to get, although every trip we'd gone on we struck luck with good weather. Had some unbelievable trips with the bros and the filming just kind of fell into place, there wasn’t really any stress during filming because it was just good sessions and good times with good friends. Big thanks to Matt Harris who was always down to go out filming and listen to ideas and also big thanks to Damo Wilkinson for always being down to get some clips, and also my housemate Louis Rawlings for some additional clips. The balance of riding with the bros, going out skating and going on surf trips with other friends was spot on this year, and that’s what has made this video work out! Hopefully a better summer next year with more trails sessions!” - Andrew "INCH" Thompson