BOUND BY WINTER - Mike Gray - Haro

"A state of flux"

5 May 2021

Director: David J Redman (@davidjredman) DOP/Editor: Matt Tipold (@teeper) ProdCo: RedTip Productions (@redtipproductions)

Beautifully shot documentary style video with Haro's Mike Gray as he battles a deep Canadian winter along with the restrictions of Covid19.

"As winter approaches each year, Canadian riders will try and find any reason to head for warmer weather once the snow starts flying. This year was obviously different. With the global pandemic surging, traveling has been restricted and the typical winter migration impossible. Leaving ‘snowbirds’ like Mike Gray in a state of flux. Mike dropped in and embraced his winter wonderland. Riding it, snowmobiling it and even surfing it, re-imagining what it is to be BOUND BY WINTER." - Haro