BOYD HILDER - Odyssey BMX - Locked Down Unda'

Boyd really gets down, down under...

30 Nov 2020

Filmed by Troy Charlesworth.

Boyd Hilder, the Boyd Wunda from Down Unda slays some serious rails and parks in his latest 3 minutes of heat:

"Been cracking away at this video since the start of 2020 with 95% of the clips happening on a Friday night or a Saturday day. Making things happen the best we could between Covid bullshit and Troy Charlesworth (filmer) working a full time job. All the clips are from North of the QLD/NSW borders except for 2 from a school we hit before the Covid border closure. Video was cut short just in the end due to a knee injury. Enjoy and see yous in a few months 🤙🏼" - Boyd