Brian Kachinsky & The Perfect Gap To Rail

Who would know better than Kachinsky?

9 May 2015

Video by Network A

Who better to talk about what makes for a good gap to rail than Brian Kachinsky? During a visit to Woodward East the gap to rail aficionado gave a quick rundown of why he enjoys the A-frame in Pennsylvania. Kachinsky will be at the camp for two weeks this summer, so you may even have a chance to ride this setup with the man himself.

"If you've always wanted to master those gap-to-rail setups at parks, then you'll appreciate why Brian Kachinsky chose this one as his favorite feature at Camp Woodward. Kachinsky breaks down why this particular feature is perfect for gradually learning progressive tricks.

Join Brian Kachinsky at Camp Woodward, PA this summer during weeks #8 (July 26) & #9 (Aug 2). Sign-up to ride alongside Brian at"
- Network A