The one we've been waiting for!

22 Jun 2024

Filmed and edited by Dave Sowerby

Whatever you're doing, stop it—this is essential viewing people! When BSD drop a full-length you know it's going to blow minds, but this one really goes above and beyond. From the graphics, riding, editing, soundtrack and vibes, this is a damn masterpiece. Hats off to the whole team, and of course, filmer and editor, Dave Sowerby. In a world of Instagram, vlogs and "here today, gone tomorrow" content, we're super lucky that we have people dedicating so much time, effort and money into big projects like this. Thank you BSD.

Featuring: Alex Donnachie, Denim Cox, Sam Jones, Gaspar Guendulain, Reed Stark, Joe Foley, Antonio Smallwood, Thomas Roulston, Trent Lutzke, Guy Scroggie, Grant Yoobie, Jake Norris, Noah Huntzinger and Bora Altintas.