BSD Transmission Worldwide Crew Bonus

10 minutes of the World crew

10 Jan 2017

Video by Jonny Ashworth

Try to imagine it's not just a shitty Tuesday and the rains made the park all slippy and Greggs (UK Pastry Purveyors) didn't have any hot cheese and bean pasties...Now imagine it's SUPER Tuesday and BSD just dropped their Worldwide Crew Section online.

The BSD Worldwide Crew bonus section from Transmission. Featuring Denim Cox, Thijs Vervaeck, Si Gibb, Dave Laliberte, Chaz Mailey, Connor Mailey, John Deans,, Hector Spencer-Wood, Felix Donat, Daniel Buettgen, Jack Nieraeth, Jonny Moffat, Sar Levi, Jack Greaves, Jeff Dowhen, Louis Brouckaert, Ben Gea, Greg Layden, Jeff Cadger, John Garcia, Joel Marchand, Nick Castillo, Sean McGilly and Craig Sime.

Filmed by Sauce, Francis Castro, Kenzo De Witte, Jan Cannoodt, Jelle Harnisfeger, Davy Keereman, Alex Vantomme, Halux Visions, Ashley Fache, Matt Koeleman, Surrey Steve, Chaz Mailey, Dave Sowerby, Scott Riddles, Jonny Ashworth, Storm Hughes, Oliver Michel, Tal Mazar, Antoine Sabourin, Grant Castelluzzo, Robert Taylor, Jacob Lowe and Vlad Poloukhine. Edited by Jonny Ashworth