Colin Varanyak and Nobuhiro "4 Pegy" Masuda - Night Out in Japan - Animal

Riding outside of Tokyo till dawn

10 Sep 2016

Video by Animal Bikes

Japan is one of those places that riding in the dead of night is going to be your best chance to hit a lot of spots, so Colin Varanyak did just that with 4 Pegy and his crew.  Anyone who has ever carried a street session on through dawn into the next day knows what a surreal experience it can be seeing the city wake up around you.

"Colin Varanyak was in Japan for a few weeks and on his last night he hooked up with 4 Pegy and his crew for some night riding. They were in a town just outside of Tokyo. Follow Colin and Pegy as they hit sick spots a pedal till the break of dawn." - Animal Bikes

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