DIG EXCLUSIVE: Common Crew In Arizona

Rolling deep and lost in AZ...

2 Feb 2015

Filmed and edited by Francis Castro

California's Common Crew sardined themselves into three cars for their first ever out of state group trip and made the journey to Arizona for some classic BMX road trip fun, catching some wild clips along the way. Francis Castro describes it perfectly; "From cramming thirteen people into two rooms meant for four, to a barrage of tinder matches, this trip was everything you would expect BMX to bring you; good times, great laughs, and memories worth talking about for a very long time. And, all of this made possible by the magic of minimum wage labor..."

Once you're finished watching the video go here for the full photo story from Tak Kamihagi.

Featuring: Jacob Cable, Abdullah Alkhalili, Eddie Cueller, Jamen Carr, Alec Siemon, Chris Eiland, Ethan Corriere, Julian Arteaga, Evan Corey, and Austin Aughinbaugh.