Company Property - Tip Plus

Banger after banger after banger

6 May 2015

Filmed and edited by Zach Krejmas

Southern California is home to a large chunk of the BMX industry, including many of the major brands, distribution warehouses, and their private ramp setups. Oftentimes we don't see too much footage from these private parks, but Ride BMX got together 9 riders who just about shut down Tip Plus in the first installment of Company Property.

"Company Property involves a trifecta of ramp setups (TIP, Full Factory, and 180 Distro) and three camps of riders, all seasoning together over the course of two days. No competition, no prize to win, just raw BMX that's the product of 9 hand-picked riders (3 from each camp). This is the Tip Plus session.

TIP – Stevie Churchill, Caleb Quanbeck, and Sean Ricany

180 Distro – Demarcus Paul, Mike Gray, and Tyler Fernengel (who got hurt)

Full Factory – Broc Raiford, Travis Hughes, and Gary Young" -
Ride BMX