Desert Spring: The Profile crew in an Arizona BMX paradise.

Clay and 'crete shredding in the high desert...

17 Jul 2021

Courtesy of Profile.

Such a sweet looking trails spot- Profile shredders get an all-access pass in the AZ desert, with some addtional concrete shredding to boot:

"Jared Eberwein and Ricky Moseley head to Arizona with Max Vu in tow for four days of riding in a desert paradise.

Thank you first and foremost to Rick White and Family ( @rick_dub ) for being the all around root of making this trip a reality for us to do. Thank you to Steven Garcia (no IG) for continuing to support BMX and have an amazing Backyard BMX dirt oasis. Thank you Greg Lutucey ( @lutucey ) for all his work he puts in at the local Garcia Trails and being a damn good time to ride with! Thank you to Phu at Epic ( @_epicbmx ) for letting us take one of his Vans making our travel that much more enjoyable and dependable.

Thanks to all the locals and helping hands at the Garcia trails.

Rick White - @rick_dub

Steven Garcia - Trails owner

Greg Lutucey - @lutucey

Phu Vu - @_epicbmx

Garcia Trail locals."