17 Apr 2024

Video by Felix Glogan

Today's instalment of DIG Locals comes to you from the city of Seoul. Finland's Felix Glogan decvided to take a break from everyday life and spend a uni exchange semester in the capital of South Korea. He explains more:

"The Serotonin guys were kind enough to take me in immediately and we began riding together weekly. I bought a camera during the first few weeks of my stay and was kinda filming around aimlessly, but it wasn’t until after a month or two I realised the potential of putting out an actual video with the whole crew. Seoul is full of crazy unique spots and setups, most of which are virtually untouched, and the overall scene there is something that I feel deserves more attention. This video is not only about the riding, but also the good times spent in between riding and the general atmosphere of the city. Hope you enjoy!" - Felix Glogan