30 Mar 2022

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It's always incredible to see how much BMX can do for people in need. Italy's Luca Bertagnolli is one of those stories. His friend Samyo explains more...

"Luca Bertagnolli is a local rider from Merano, a small town in between the valleys of South Tyrol. From growing up as a swimmer he ended up riding bikes with his friends and spending his time at skateparks. However, somehow he also ended up dealing with a darker side of life and went to jail a couple of times.

Now, after such experiences, he got motivated riding again and wants to leave the trouble behind him. He filmed this edit in just 4 days after not having touched his bike in a long time.

This edit just shows again how important BMX can be, it helps people to get out of trouble and shit. It also shows the both sunny and raw side Luca has, as well as how talented the guy is.

We are happy to present you HOME “SWEET” HOME. A home you miss once you leave, but kills you if you stay." - Samyo Pereira