DIG Locals - Santa Cruz

"I don't think I would call it home if it weren't for the amazing bike-riding community..."

20 Jun 2017

Filmed and edited by Chris Bracamonte

Andy Maguire has been holding it down for the street scene in Santa Cruz for quite some time now so when he contacted Chris Bracamonte about filming some sort of scene report last year we were immediately on board. Here's a few words about Santa Cruz from the man himself.

"A severed blue hand, screaming in pain; numerous bigfoot sightings; a 93-year old wooden roller coaster; and free Eddie Moneyconcerts once a year.  Aside from rich ocean scenery surrounded by forest seclusion, the small coastal town of Santa Cruz, California is a place that oozes character.  On any given day, you will probably stumble across dreadlocked hippies, young skate punks who were born and raised gliding across concrete, surfers who come from all walks of life or the awkward UC student taking their first steps into life as an adult.  I was definitely the last example when I moved here from the suburbs over 12 years ago.  At first, this place seemed like an uncomfortable, strange place, but over the years, the quirks and the lifestyle of the area slowly normalized to the point that it fills me with appreciation to call this place my home.  

I don't think I would call it home if it weren't for the amazing bike-riding community of Santa Cruz.  Much like the populace, there is a wide variety of riders here; a few legends (Ryan Nyquist and Ron Wilkerson), people who dig trails, cruise the streets, ride ramps, and even pioneer their own forms of freestyle.  The riders here also seem heavily shaped by the environment that surrounds them.  Although many riders here are extremely talented, the laid-back, vacationing attitude generally prevails over the drive to become a professional bike rider or to "progress" the sport.  One thing I find pretty refreshing about our scene is that after the sun goes down and your muscles hurt from riding all day, you can usually count on grabbing a beer and hanging out with your riding compatriots as friends, not just people who are around and share the same interests.  The scene values enjoyment, friendship, and creativity, rather than the statistical values of views, likes, and quantity of barspins.  If the idea of being a part of a BMX retirement community sounds enticing, I would highly recommend risking your life on Highway 17 to check out what Santa Cruz has to offer." - Andy Maguire

Mike Hernandez
Andy Maguire
Jackson Allen
Mario Alonso
Brian Barnhart
Jeff "Murph" Murphy
Ryan Nyquist
Thomas Escamilla
Guy French
Dion Dangzalan
Mike Carrol
Reed Zirjacks
Chris Riesner
Rob Jensen
Jordan Murdock