DIG Premiere - Vans Oregon Video

The Vans Europe team hit the open road in search of camping and concrete

19 Sep 2014

Filmed and edited by Mayol / Greenfilms

We're stoked have this exclusive edit courtesy of Vans Europe as our first premiere on the all new DIG site. Check what they had to say below and hit play for some good old fashioned searching and destroying.

“What's the essence of a good BMX trip? For sure it can be many things - but also it can be the very simple things. Oregon has some of the most insane concrete parks and bowls and in the same time, it's one of the most beautiful states in the US with stunning nature. We wanted to combine both facts and aimed for a camping trip - good friends, raw nature, camp fires, river bed showers, the whole shebang. It didn't take much time for the crew to feel the vibe.....

This is our story - and if this gets you pumped, get a tent and start exploring. Enjoy the ride!” - Vans

The crew: Bas Keep, Ben Hennon, Kevin Kalkoff, Matt Priest, Greg Illingworth and Gary Young.