Ender Ender - Episode 4 - Van Homan

Kinked rail manual?!

18 Aug 2015

A DIG Production / Filmed and edited by Stew Johnson

Back in 2008 FIT's Van Homan was looking to close his section for the 2X4 video and he needed a banger clip to tie everything up and luckily Wiz and a nearby kink rail were on hand to help. Straight on rail manuals pretty much belong to Van so it's no surprise he was the guy to get his one done - and all with that classic Homan style. Stew Johnson sat down with the saviour and got him to take us through the whole process from start to finish. I wonder how many BMX girlfriends/wives have had to film a second angle as epic as that before?! For more from our Ender Ender series scroll down to the 'related' section below and subscribe to DIG's Youtube channel here.


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