Factory Friday: Talkin' Trans #Hot Topic

How youuuuuuuuu Duuuugan?

15 Apr 2024

Video by S&M Bikes

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"Tommy Dugan frames head off to paint (including the Empire-exclusive Root Beer colorway! Moeller give you an edumication on why we don't do trans on heat-treated forks. The Rambler Samplers get built and are en route to paint and then its off to Nate, Lukas, Meanhorse and Potoz test 'em out and also featured in our APE-era shop show - we got Credence Clint Reynolds frames with the 14mm drop back in the shop. Squib XLs, L.A.M.F.s, moto bars, Mad Dog frames... just another week rockin' and rollin' at S&M/FIT HQ." - S&M Bikes