Felix Prangenberg - Welcome to Wethepeople Pro

Young Felix joins the pro team

13 May 2015

Video by Wethepeople

Felix Prangenberg takes a freshly built Wethepeople for a spin in his welcome to Pro team announcement video. Check out Felix's Patron bike check here and be on the lookout for a DIG - Youth of Today video and interview with Felix soon!

"After being able to ride, travel and hang out with Felix throughout the past year, the decision to add him to the PRO team was an easy one. Adding a new rider to an already stacked and tightly knit crew always has the possibility to unbalance a finely tuned machine, however in Felix's case it was the perfect match. Already being good friends with many of the guys, when we talked to the crew about adding Felix to the mix, it was obvious he was going to fit in just great. We're really looking forward to kicking it with Felix on trips and can't wait for the good times to follow. Welcome to the team buddy!" - Wethepeople