What broken knee cap?!

25 Sep 2023

Video by United BMX

Despite busting his knee cap a week before his trip to Brazil, United's Fernando Laczko still made the most of his trip, and with the help of some locals concoctions and a hefty dose of rehab, Fernando was back in action in no time. Enjoy some highlights from his trip, along with a couple bonus Barcelona clips.

"Earlier this year Miki invited me to come visit his homies and family in São Paulo. It really wasn’t hard for him to convince me as I had latin America on my list for a while! Sadly, just one week before flying, I fractured my kneecap in Germany and got told that I couldn’t ride for at least 6 weeks. But with a lot of rehab pedalling with the MTB around São Paulo hills and a daily infusion made from some local seed extract (a couple days later they told me that it is a drug used by fighters for faster recovery) I managed to ride after 3 weeks and even stack some clips. As I still felt like it wasn’t enough material I used the days that I stayed in Barcelona on my way back to complete this edit.

Brasil is crazy and there is so much shit to talk about that it makes it hard to write something concise. So as always, I hope that I reflected the vibes in the video, you all enjoy this and hopefully get the chance to live it at some point. Big thanks again to Miki, Marcelo, Nova Ordem Bmx and everyone else that made it possible and so good for us there!" - Fernando Laczko