Fit - Morgan Long Hoodbird Frame Promo

All killer. No filler. Taking flight on the Hoodbird

14 Sep 2015

Filmed by Miles Rogoish, Forrest Hawk, Zach Krejmas, Calvin Kosovich, Doeby Huynh, Stew Johnson, Nate Richter / Edited by Miles Rogoish

Morgan Long showing how it's done, releasing an all killer no filler promo for Fit just in time for Interbike. Following an appearance in the Holy Fit friends section, Morgan took a trip with Hango, Begin, and Spriet for their Welcome To Fit Pro video, and now put together an incredible full length section in promotion of his signature Hoodbird frame. That's a hell of a year if you ask me.

Get a closer look at Morgan's ride here: First Look: Morgan Long's FIT HoodBird Setup

"When Morgan first hooked up with Fit, he was battling his way back from a nasty knee injury and unable to film the part he wanted to for Holy Fit. When he found out he was getting a signature frame, Morgan took the opportunity to stack clips for his own full-length section to celebrate the release of the HOODBIRD. And boy did he... here's 5 minutes of fire filmed by friends and edited by Rogoish." - Fit