After a 5 Year break, could the jam still work?

14 Mar 2019

Shot and cut by Cooper Brownlee

"The words “Flem Banks Jam” have always held a level of hype when heard that not many events in Australian BMX could match besides for maybe ACT Jam.

I always remember seeing photos of the jam going down before I had ever attended and hearing all the stories of how people were just killing it and sending it on a whole new level that I was not accustom to as a teenager simply riding his local skate park in Eltham. The water gap, the large red poles in all the photos and the crazy riding were all trademarks of the Jam so with a 5 year gap since the last jam in 2014 and with a new and less iconic location – could the jam still work like it used too?

Without a shred of doubt, the answer is yes.

The new location opened up new tricks, new gaps and the mother of all rail hops. Throw in A LOT of DIY work from the crew, a few flat rails and it was on!

Melbourne offered a balmy 38 degrees this particular day but thankfully this did not stop a whole new wave of riders coming through to give it their best all in the name of BMX and good times." - Cooper Brownlee

In conjunction with Official DIG Partners: Colony / Cult Crew