"FRACTURE" by Felix Prangenberg

Via Cologne, Germany

7 Jul 2022

Video by Felix Prangenberg

Cologne, Germany is home to a wild selection of talent so when Felix Prangenberg picked up a HMC 150, it was a no-brainer to start work on a full-length video with the locals. Fast-forward two years and after a bunch of hard drive nightmares, 'Fracture' is the result, and oh boy is it a good'n! Soundtrack, riding, filming all VERY on point. You know what to do...

"Fracture is something we started a few years ago when we all just needed something to film for. Cologne has probably the biggest BMX scene in Germany and there are just way too many talented people in one place to not film a video. I (Felix P.) just got more into filming over the years so I bought myself an old HMC 150 which we started filming this video on. I had no idea what I was doing when we started (I still don’t) but I knew that we were all having the best time ever while doing it. So we all just kept going with the idea in mind to film a full length video. After a year and a half of filming and having a good amount of footage the whole project was on pause for a while. While I was editing a video part of Jordan Godwin and myself I accidentally dropped the hard drive which all the footage for this video was on. A lot of files were either partly damaged or completely gone. It took a few months to eventually get most of the footage recovered by a professional for a couple hundred euros. Deadlines never really work so we filmed for almost another year after all this happened and saying that we just want to film another 1-2 months to finish the video. All these people in the video motivate me more than anything and mean the world to me. I hope everyone enjoys the video as much as we did filming this!" - Felix Prangenberg