Freecoaster AND Cassette!

5 Apr 2022

Filmed by Guille Lyon

Looking to dip your toes into the freecoaster game but still love cassettes? This is the hub for you!

- Freecoaster & Cassette in one hub
- Upgraded internals with a larger slack setting comparable to a conventional Freecoaster hub - Super lightweight hub (480g)
- MagnaDrive Magnetic Driver for increased performance and reliability
- Heavy Duty 14mm heat-treated axle
- Incredibly reliable and durable hub design
- Easily convertible to a Cassette hub with no additional parts needed
- Simple slack adjustment system
- RSD or LSD
- Includes x2 nylon hub guards
- Ridden by Felix Prangenberg, Jordan Godwin and the Wethepeople team
- Hubs and complete wheels available
- Yes it’s silent 😉

"A long time in the making, the Hybrid Freecoaster combines over 10 years of R&D into the concept of making a superior functioning Freecoaster hub with all the weight, durability and functional benefits of a cassette hub. Instead of the heavy and unreliable clutch style mechanism most Freecoasters use, the Hybrid is based on the principle of a cassette hub with a few small changes to make it work as an incredibly dependable and highly functional Freecoaster Hub. The Hybrid Freecoaster utilises our patented new double slack system which allows the hub to have a much larger (and adjustable) slack setting than any cassette-based Freecoaster system before it. Combined with our MagnaDrive magnetic powered driver for superior pawl retention, our wave spring friction system and a super durable 14mm heat-treated axle, the Hybrid Freecoaster is a no-nonsense, hassle-free Freecoaster hub, designed to be tightened up and ridden without any need to adjust or fine-tune. Tested for years and approved by the Wethepeople team, we wanted to create a lighter, stronger, less complicated Freecoaster hub that any rider could easily adapt to using.

As if all that wasn’t enough, the Hybrid is easily convertible into a regular Cassette hub by simply installing the Cassette springs and retightening the hub. Essentially you get two hubs in one, as well as the benefit of being able to switch the hub to your preferred setting with easy. With most of the team and many other riders switching over to the Hybrid Freecoaster, the question is, when will you? "